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Aerial Access Equipment

Truck mounted aerial access platform is supplied for performing various tasks at high level such as the maintenance and inspection of overhead cable, street pole, bridge and etc.

The aerial platform can be operated from 10 meter to 70 meter aboveground. Different types of aerial access platform are available to suit your needs, for example, over-center, non over-center, telescopic, telescopic articulating and etc. Special access platform is also available for allowing the road operator to carry out routine inspection and repair of the deck of the bridge and highway.

Different brands from over the world are available, for instance, ALTEC (USA), Translink (UK), Isoli (Italy) and etc.  

Customer List
We have provided Aerial Access Equipment to many giant corporations and government departments, which include:
• Kai Tak Tunnel
• Aberdeen Tunnel
• Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
• Hong Kong Eastern Harbour Tunnel Co., Ltd.
• Western Harbour Tunnel Company Limited
• Tsing Ma Bridge Management Co., Ltd.
• Hong Kong Route 3 & Route 8
• Hong Kong Police Force
• Chinese People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison

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Aerial Access Equipment

  • Aerial Access Platform
  • Aerial Access Platform
  • Aerial Access Platform
  • Bridge Inspection Equipment

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